Enhanced protection for Acronis Cyber Protect Cloud

Get clients back to business in minutes when disaster strikes by spinning up their systems in the Acronis Cloud and restoring them anywhere, ensuring immediate data availability. Make disaster recovery painless and increase efficiency with orchestration, runbooks, and automatic failover.

Acronis Advanced Disaster Recovery provides:

Disaster recovery orchestration

Simplify disaster recovery and increase operational efficiency by automating failovers and orchestrating disaster recovery procedures using runbooks – a set of instructions defining how to spin up your client’s production environment in the cloud.

Site-to-site VPN connection

Enable secure VPN connection between the client’s local site and the cloud site to facilitate partial failover of tightly dependent servers on the local site. When one of the servers is recreated on the cloud site, the servers continue to communicate, ensuring minimal downtime.

Point-in-time recovery


Switching to a recovery point in case of error without malware

Eliminate the possibility of reinfection by checking the list of available recovery points for switching in case of an error, to discover if malware or other type of compromise indicator has been detected during the backup analysis process.

Acronis Disaster Recovery Beneficios


Reduce downtime

Get clients running in mere minutes by spinning up IT systems in the Acronis Cloud with full site-to-site connectivity and the ability to recover them to similar or dissimilar hardware.

Minimize complexity

No need to add, learn, or manage another platform. It’s one solution for data, systems, and applications managed from a single interface that enables you to build a complete cyber protection service.

Grow recurring revenew

Deliver more value, deepen client relationships, and increase retention by offering clients the disaster recovery services they are looking for - while increasing your monthly recurring revenue.

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