More than your average backup – a complete cyber protection solution

Strengthen your data protection services by ensuring clients never lose data, even between scheduled backups. Extend backup capabilities to SAP HANA, Oracle DB and application clusters. Harness the power of one solution, one agent and one console to deliver the comprehensive cyber protection your clients seek.

Acronis Advanced Backup provides:

Continuous data protection

Ensure users don’t lose work that is in-progress by defining a list of critical apps that they frequently use.

Off-host data processing

Reduce the load on your clients’ workloads by moving backups replication, validation, retention and conversion into VM operations to another machine. These operations can be scheduled independently.

Full or granular recovery of MariaDB and MySQL databases

Reduce RTOs and ensure consistent protection of your MariaDB and MySQL databases — browse databases and/or fully or granularly restore data and tables without recovering the entire workload.

Quick and easy one-click recovery

Speed up the recovery process of multiple workloads and eliminate IT bottlenecks by offloading the recovery to the end users. The one-click recovery enables non-technical users to easily start an automated recovery of an entire workload, thus saving time and money by significantly reducing downtime in the event of a cyberattack.

Acronis Advanced Backup Beneficios


Increase automation and productivity

Always working to save you time while ensuring you prevent client data loss, cloud backup enhancements like continuous data protection help you deliver near-zero RPOs and avoid any downtime.

Deliver the most secure backup

Acronis leverages a unique approach by combining cloud backup with cyber protection features, such as anti-malware and antivirus – to keep your clients’ data secure.

Protect more workloads on more platforms

From a single console, protect more than 20 platforms, including Microsoft Exchange, Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle DBMS Real Application clusters and SAP HANA.

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